The 12 Week Year –

Tackle your year

12 weeks at a time

22 July @ Sunninghill Dream Body Fitness 

Have you set health and fitness goals before and they just stay goals?

Are you a professional starter and an amateur finisher?

Maybe you are great at setting goals and starting the work, but not
so great at actually following through all the way to the end
because, well, life happens.

Have you become so used to listening to your
own excuses that you have started believing them?

Does any of this sound familiar?

I’m too tired

I don’t have enough energy

I don’t have the time

I don’t have enough money

I don’t have anyone to help me or train with me

I’ll do it tomorrow OR tomorrow is another day

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions,
then read on…

Here’s what we know, there are 7 days in the week, Monday to Sunday, there is no tomorrow or yesterday on our calendar. The only way to get going is to choose a day and get going because until you execute, your goals will stay wonderful thoughts that eventually turn into regrets.


Introducing the 12 Week Year…

Where you tackle your year 12 weeks at a time.

THIS IS A MINDSET AND LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM to help you get everything in your life you want faster.


The most successful people in life are not the most educated, strongest or biggest. But they are different, they know that every great achievement comes with great commitment.


Everything you want in life is locked behind your level of commitment – love, life, money, education, business and finance. Most people go through the processes but never fully commit.


Sound familiar? Do you want to reach your goals and need some help getting there?


The 12 Week Year is designed to instill the good, daily habits and give you a clear roadmap to reach your goals as well as daily support, guidance and accountability.


Most people believe that time and money is the commitment, yes it is, but it is the smallest and easiest. Your real commitment is perseverance, ridicule, pain, opportunity, sacrifice. Because the truth is that no matter how good the gym is, no one is going to do your exercise for you


Start your day with “I refuse to quit”, and you will see that there is no way you can fail.


Come join for a free 90 Minute workshop

where will cover:

The 12 most important areas of your life and how to live a fulfilled life

How to set goals that you can actually achieve

Creating the small, daily habits needed for success in all 12 areas

Create your execution plan with daily habits you need to form in order to realise your vision.

Nutrition plan so that you know exactly what to eat and what not to eat so there is no guess work.

How to hold yourself accountable so that you can measure your success daily, weekly and monthly

Stop waiting and looking for the next book or
guru or eating plan that will change your life,
take step 1 and show up and get started.

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