I am a 26 year old fun loving female. I am a social worker and have a boring desk job which contributed to my comfort eating. I found myself hating the reflection I saw in the mirror and this affected my self esteem.

I hated the way I looked and did not feel good about myself as a result. I weighed 12kg more than I wanted (and honestly more the I should have health wise) as I was categorised as overweight according to BMI. I’m not an active person and do not enjoy exercise. Joining DBF changed my outlook and I look and feel better after 12 weeks of exercising and eating well.

Week 6, I started to see my abdomen take shape and I liked what I saw week 8, I tried on my favourite ‘stay at home’ jeans and they were loose and did not flatter me anymore.

Regular exercise and eating clean made a big impact. Weighing in on a weekly basis placed pressure on me but at the same time kept me motivated.

When I stopped eating sweet foods and my body fat percentage began dropping I realised I was making changes. When I walk into a shop i now go towards the vegetables instead of the bakery.

I lost 2,7kgs and 14% body fat. I am very happy. I know I could have lost more had I been strict and disciplined but the results were amazing to me. I have tried all kinds of diets and slimming remedies but I have never achieved such good results. I couldn’t stop smiling and wanted the whole gym to see my certificate (I actually showed some strangers).

At DBF you feel at home and feel important, staff make the effort to know your name and your story. There is always assistance. You are never left to your own devices like at other gyms.

I have been using the DBF Whey Supplements, the vanilla is my favourite because I can mix it with anything like seeds, frozen berries and almonds.