Testimonial – Malebo Ratlhagane

I’m a mom of one and started gaining weight since the birth of my child. Couldn’t trace what contributed to my weight gain. I tried so many diets and slimming teas and nothing seemed to help.

I used to be so frustrated when I had to choose what to wear every morning to work and all my favourite clothes were not fitting anymore. I lost confidence in myself and always refuse to go out with friends since they always looked so beautiful in everything they wear and I always looked like their mother because of my big body.

The day my colleagues referred to me as “the fat one” was the day I started looking for a gym close by.

I noticed the biggest change when I started having so much energy and my old clothes finally fitting perfectly! The real big change was when I increased my protein intake and following every advise from Steve and Taz, then I saw real results.

After 12 weeks of training and eating clean, my body fat loss results showed that I had lost 11% body fat. This was the greatest moment of my life since it proved that with commitment and pushing yourself, anything is achievable. This is only the beginning, watch the space!!

I’ve never been to any other gym but DBF has very friendly marshals who are patient and motivating.

I used the DBF protein shakes and I’m not sure if some how the contributed to my weight loss but was just taking them to substitute my Wimpy smoothie #HideFace