Testimonial – Lyndon Johnstone

Dream Body Fitness is NOT a Gym, it is a Lifestyle Centre. You see, even at the age of 51, I detest the Gym, but when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle I switch to overdrive.

My wife and I joined Dream Body Fitness at the end of January this year. Nine months later I have exceeded the targets set at the start my lifestyle programme. I had been to Gym previously – many years ago – but hated it as too individualistic. DBF changed all that for me. For the first time I understood WHY I needed to change the way I eat, WHY  a specific training regime was necessary and how the two disciplines of nutrition and training worked in synergy.



My goal was to live a healthy, sustainable life so that one day I would have the energy and vitality to still actively enjoy my grandchildren. Thanks to DBF, Steve and his dedicated team of fitness marshalls, my wife and I are well on our way to ensuring a quality of life that stretches way beyond our years. Thank you Steve and DBF, your inspiration has changed our lives!

Lyndon Johnstone

Managing Director: RadioHeads