Testimonial – Lindiwe Ntuli

  1. Identify Yourself: introduce yourself. Tell us your story (background)

My name is Lindiwe Ntuli and I although I have always been an active person most of my life, earlier this year I found myself at my heaviest weight of 86.3Kgs. I have always been vigilant of my weight so the fact that it was this high did not creep up on me. Week after week I found myself watching the scale going up and I felt helpless; you see I had been to 4 different gyms in 5 years and every time I had shown up and did the work and I wasn’t getting the results I had hoped for. So by the time I walked through the doors of DBF, my expectations weren’t very high. After all I was about to join gym number 5 in 6 years!

  1. Talk About Your Struggle: talk about your frustrations, the things you had to overcome and why you wanted to make a change

Like I said, I have always been active. I wasn’t one of those who paid for the gym membership and never even walked through the door. I went at least 3 times a week, I ran steadily on the treadmill minimum 45 minutes every time and would then spend a few minutes on any other cardio machine (stair master, cycling etc). So in my mind I was working very hard and for the life of me could not figure out why although the weight on the scale was going down, my body was not changing at all. I simply weighed less but looked too big for my weight. This frustrated me a lot and ultimately the inevitable happened and I would eventually stop going to gym. Told myself I was fighting nature and my biology; I am simply meant to be a big person like my mother. It’s in my genes right?

  1. What had the biggest impact on your life: this is the most important part. This is the transformation portion of the story. That moment you realized something was different.
  • What was the moment?

When I walked through the doors of DBF the first time, I dared not hope for too much. But in I went anyway just to see what dream was gonna be sold to me this time. But when I walked out those doors I knew I had found the place for me; I had a clear plan of action for every week for the next three months. It was now up to me to commit myself. I showed up week after week and before too long my clothes were fitting better. I kept going and each week I was seeing results.

  • What were the things that made the biggest impact?

I now understand that in the past I wasted hours and hours on the treadmill, too intimidated by the machines I didn’t know how to use properly and effectively. I had no muscle definition whatsoever and my body fat percentage was much too high as a results. After shifting my focus from losing weight to reducing body fat, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders! My body fat was going down faster than my weight and my clothes were fitting better again.

  • When did you realize you were making the biggest changes?

For the first time in my life I realized I was eating more food and still losing weight! This was the greatest feeling for me. I was no longer trimming and peeling the skin off chicken. I was going for the full fat milk instead of fat free. I no longer had the need to constantly snack and have sugary drinks throughout the day just to keep my energy up. My biggest change definitely is with my relationship with food and how I’ve had to redefine what healthy means.

  1. Explain your specific results: the results should be specific and you should also talk about the emotions experienced once you realized your results.

I have lost 8.1Kgs and 10% body fat this far. When I look in the mirror I am so proud of my results. Mostly because I look like I have lost much more weight than I actually have. I have begun to appreciate the importance of measuring body fat and making that the most important measurement in your weight loss journey. There has been weeks where I gain 1 kg but lose 2% body fat. Normally the 1kg gained would have ruined my week and discouraged me. But not anymore.

  1. How is the DBF experience any different from any other place?

Having been to so many different gyms, seen how they each work, been frustrated and not knowing where to begin; DBF has been a completely different experience. For the first time ever I find myself looking forward to going to the gym after work! I have a clear plan of what I am going to do when I get there. Every week presents a new challenge. I no longer have to suffer the monotony of the treadmill. DBF is different in that there is always someone eager to assist and correct. The fitness marshals there take a personal interest in each and every person at the gym. Steve knows everyone’s story and how we are all progressing. With so many people invested in my success and pushing me, well failure is not an option.

  1. Have you used the DBF Whey Supplementation through your journey, how did you like it?

I have taken a special liking to the DBF Strawberry whey supplement. I usually mix it with plain unsweetened, yoghurt or milk and have it either as a mid-morning snack or after my work out. It is like having a milkshake every day without the guilt!

  1. Would you recommend this programme to others and why?

Not only would I recommend the programme, but I actually wish I could replace all these other gyms with DBF. Everyone who is interested in their health and fitness deserves to have a Steve Mululu; a man who has invested his time and efforts in building a really great place that ensures each and every member is able to achieve their best results.

  1. Are you ready for the next 12 Week Challenge?

I’m definitely ready and cannot wait to see how different I will look at the end of it