Testimonial – Jared Jordaan

I am Jared Jordaan, originally from Port Elizabeth & moved to JHB in 2006. I was an active youngster and played rugby and cricket at school but I have always been on the bigger side of life. After school as I became less active my weight gradually went up. I became so depressed about being overweight that one day I just woke up and made peace with the fact that I am fat and that’s just how’s it should be for me. I always used to say, “Everyone will die one day some just sooner than others so just enjoy life”. And this was my philosophy up until quite recently. My situation got worse when I made the move JHB, constantly on the move, high pressure work environment and not understanding the importance of sleep. (I still struggle to get 8 hours in on some days). But now I also needed to deal with high blood pressure.

Because I believed that I had made peace with the fact that I will always be fat, I really believed I was happy. But then I started to think. Why am I paying monthly gym memberships that I am not even using? Why am I spending money on miracle diet pills and diets? Am I really happy with being overweight? When I got I married in 2011 things became worse, I now believed married men are normally bigger with belly’s hanging and “moobs”. With the birth of my daughter I realised something needs to change because I want to raise her, teach her, see her graduate, and walk her down the aisle. My mind set now changed to being there for my family. And so the research for healthy living started. But for some reason even after all the information gathered nothing stuck. How does one use all the info? Even if you want to exercise what exercises do you need to do? How do you do them correctly?

I then saw a trailer advertising “loose 12kg in 12 weeks”. Just another gimmick I thought as it was guy with a dog on it. But nonetheless I send through a request via the website, I had nothing too loose. I was contacted the very same day and also and strolled into the gym later that afternoon. Was greeted with friendly faces, just sales people I thought (but this sales guy kept me going that 1st 2 weeks with little WhatsApp’s of encouragement and motivation). Went through the gym, quite normal I thought, but there seemed to be a different vibe inside this gym I can still remember. I did my initial assessment, quite shocked I must admit topping out at 135.5 kg’s the heaviest I have ever been. Discussed the results, options that I had, signed up and immediately wanted to start exercising.  I was handed meal plan and ready to hit the gym floor. I was told no exercising for 7 days. WHAT!!!!!!!! Okay so now they really had my attention. And that was when I knew I had found something way different from what I thought to be true. Under the careful supervision of the fitness marshals that feels like you have a personal trainer right there by your side, things only improved. I went to gym 5 days a week skipped a day here and there, but always had the weekend to make up for any lost time. Strayed from the eating plan some days but I now know it is crucial to stick to this plan. I could see how this “GYM” was starting to impact the rest of my life.

The biggest impact during this process was that I did not have to count any calories and measure my portions I just needed to follow the guidelines. Following these guidelines is the most important factor in reaching your goals. When you hit the gym the fitness marshals know you by name and knows what you need to do (no hiding from them). The weekly assessments is a healthy gauge so you can see if you are progressing or regressing. And don’t worry the marshals will definitely know how to tweak your program when do regress. (Like through a surprise deck of cards at you on Saturday morning when you just wanted to abs and cardio )

The biggest change was I started going to gym 6 days week and started to view going to gym and eating healthy as part of my normal routine. I had more energy, was more focused and I started to realise I can be a better version of myself.

I have lost a total 16Kg’s over the last 3 months and it’s not just about the weight I feel fitter and stronger as well. I was struggling to walk for 5 min on a treadmill when I first walked into DBF and now I am jogging. Imagine that. I would recommend everyone to join our fitness family. If you have ever felt judged when walking into a gym, needed the support on and off the exercise floor, felt unsure on what you actually need to do to shed some unwanted kilo’s, Steve and Taskeen’s method of changing your life,  will get you there.  I often refer to DBF as my new found fitness family, and this family member is one that isn’t going anywhere soon. With them in my corner I am excited to start my next 12 week challenge and looking forward to see what it brings.