Testimonial – Japheth Chetty

My name is Japheth Chetty, 28 Years old. I’m formally from Kwa –Zulu Natal and relocated to JHB in October 2011 to take up a position as a Process Engineer at Procter and Gamble. I was born with a club foot and had my first operation when I was just 2 days old. I was generally very active in sports until I relocated to JHB.

In 2013 I had decided I need to get back into sports and also a change in my life style but unfortunately for me it was a bit too late, April that year I had experienced a heart attack whilst in KZN on holiday. For me luckily it was a mild heart attack, however due to the artery being so narrow there was 2 stents installed and I’m currently on chronic medication (Disprin and Stowrin 10mg) for the rest of my life.

For the next 12-18 months I started to gym and eat “healthy”, but with all my work I just could not get under the 90Kg mark.

Whilst driving in Sandton on a Sunday afternoon I saw a billboard advertising lose 12Kg in 12 weeks, I didn’t think much of this and drove pass.

In September I attended training at the Focus Rooms at the Core Centre and once again I saw this advertisement, during my lunch break I decided to walk over and enquire. After much discussion with Waka, my wife and I decided to take the chance and do the 12 week program and honestly this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My biggest struggle was food J I really love food and didn’t know how to control my hunger or appetite at most times.

My biggest frustration was I used the gym at least 3 times a week, participating in spinning and squash but still did not see the scale drop. I entered various cycle races and finish all of them with disappointment in regard to my performance.

I them realised that I cant keep doing what I’m doing and expect different results, my gym workout and lifestyle was not helping me and I needed help from a professionals.

I realised that something was different when I started being more happy about myself and life. I also started to realise that my work pants don’t fit me anymore, 36>32 waste currentlyJ. Friends that have not seen me for a month or 2 also started to notice my weight loss.

I remember speaking to Waka and telling him that I will do everything my plan says to the T. The biggest impact was the detox, in 7 days I lost around 4.2Kg’s and for me that was high, having only lost a max of 2 Kg’s over 4months previously.

After the 12 Week Challenge (01 October 2015 – 31 Dec 2015) my results are: -8.3Kgs and – 20.36% Body Fat. (My weight was about 87Kgs in October when I started). To date (01/02/2016) – I currently weigh 84.0 Kgs and I’m around 21.3 Body fat.


I wake up every morning happy and wanting more and more (Body fat reduction). My goal for 2016 is to get a 6 pack, something I’ve never dreamt about just 4 months ago.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the Leadership of Dream Body Fitness, your employees only behave the way you train them and they have been nothing short of amazing throughout my stay in Dream Body Fitness. I don’t consider coming to gym everyday as a drag but more like I’m coming back home. The exercise/food plan’s your guys have developed is not just a diet but a plan to change your life style which to me is much better than jut dieting for 3 months and then back to square one.

Once again thank you for always smiling and making every person nor size or fitness feel special.



Japheth O Chetty