Testimonial – Diana Ebden

Just wanted to send a note of gratitude to all at DBF… you are an amazing group of people. DBF isn’t a gym, sure it looks like one, but behind all the equipment is something unique and different, which goes beyond the personal touch. You address every aspect of the body, mind and soul..

I had to do something for my health and wellbeing; I left it so long I didn’t know the way forward. I started with a search in the area, and another gym came up.. But for some reason I made the call and before I knew it was down for the tour and signed up and it became my find of the decade. I can honestly recommend everyone to try the DBF approach… even if you have said in the past, like me, you don’t “do” gyms.

I started the 12 week body transformation program and was a bit intimidated ‘till I got started. The program does everything it says it does, transforms body and mind.

I could not believe I went from week 1 to week 12 with such ease. That is all down to the amazing staff, from the friendly face greeting me at the door – to the fitness marshals knowing when to be gentle, but motivational and when to give me a shove to push to another level.




Steve you know us all and keep your eye on us all the time, you go far beyond the call of duty – I wish we could clone you and get a DBF in every area. Your approach to health is no fad, no empty promise or false hopes.. but very real and logical approach to a lifestyle change within the reach of us all, you are indeed a very special person.

Your work for charities is inspiring and infectious and says without words about who you are as a person.

Every single stage of the program has been carefully worked out to lead you into the next level. The journey has been so exciting with changes happening from week one. I looked forward to every assessment with anticipation. Each week watching the % body fat going, the weight falling and my body transforming to where it should have been…

I finished the 12 week body transformation program with results far beyond my expectations and now moved on to the next phase and just as excited about my new program. This is my new way of life, to continue to be fit and healthy and feel good about me with a newfound confidence.

I have no doubt you will all continue to inspire me to reach my new goals to be the best me I can be….

Thank you to all….
Much Love
(Diana Ebden)