Testimonial – Cindi-Lee Grobbler

I signed up at DBF one morning with my husband not knowing really what to expect, I just knew it was time for a lifestyle change. I hadn’t gymed in years & really wasn’t a fan of fitness & eating clean. We met with 1 of the marshals and so I was on my way.
The process started slowly, I was very unsure of myself and not very excited about it. We started gyming 3 times a week and went to the nutritional class – which was amazing because it helped me understand why to eat certain things. I worked with the fitness marshals & slowly I began seeing changes and slowly began enjoying it.


And now a year and a half later I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, I’m fitter, stronger & healthier. I enjoy working out and keep pushing myself to new levels. Dream body fitness really changed my body & changed my life. Thank you so much to Steve & all the fitness marshals at DBF for always pushing me beyond my own limits.

Kind regards
Cindi-Lee Grobbler