Testimonial – Chris Combrinck

1. Identify Yourself: introduce yourself. Tell us your story (background)

From a young age I loved sports and played rugby for most of my school years and for a few years after. Studied after school and travelled the UK for 3 years. Tried to live an active lifestyle and be adventurous for the most part, but as the years went on I neglected that part of my life and focused on work and the future regarding my career; which left any sports and physical activity on the back burner. Met the love of my life and living happily ever after!!

2. Talk About Your Struggle: talk about your frustrations, the things you had to overcome and why you wanted to make a change

The biggest drawback and struggle I had experienced was after all the fun times and late nights as a young man, ended up around my waist and my activity meter could only last for a few minutes whereby I will then be exhausted and struggled to enjoy the fun things in life. My belly got bigger and my whole appearance took a turn for the worst. Obesity was knocking on my door and I hated the way I looked. I was blessed with 2 beautiful children which I could not even play with for long due to my weight and being very unfit. That was the tipping point and the scale reminded me of the downward spiral I was heading towards extremely fast. I then realized that if I do not do something I would end up missing the best times of my life with my Wife and children.

3. What had the biggest impact on your life: this is the most important part. This is the transformation portion of the story. That moment you realized something was different.

• What was the moment?
It only took one final look in the mirror and one final scale measurement that I decided enough is enough!! I will, I can and I must!!

• What were the things that made the biggest impact?
The fact that I had a huge change in confidence and being so positive about my goals was the starting point of my road to a healthy and active lifestyle.

• When did you realize you were making the biggest changes?
From the word go I knew that every day I choose to get up earlier in the morning to work out and give my utmost best with the program was the biggest change I made and the fact that my Family would look at me every day and agree that I am definitely taking huge strides in changing my lifestyle and body.

4. Explain your specific results: the results should be specific and you should also talk about the emotions experienced once you realized your results.

Result 1 – losing so much weight in such a short period of time. Result 2 – My physical appearance in the sense of my belly shrinking day after day. Result 3 – My muscles that developed rapidly. Result 4 – Endurance increased. Result 5 – Health increased overnight. Result 6 – Positive attitude on my achievements and goals in life. Result 7 – My determination that I developed to push myself on even when no one is looking. The emotion was overwhelming and every day as I pushed on, it will always hit me that what I thought I cannot do is most certainly possible. Once I realized that it is possible to change I remind myself every day of this and my Family is also so much happier and super supportive about my journey to a new me.

5. How is the DBF experience any different from any other place?

From the moment I entered the gym I was blown away by the structure and positive / supportive and outright Family feeling I received from the staff. The 12 weeks program was one I have never experienced and no other gym would have made such a positive impact on me. The level of expertise and enthusiasm of all the staff especially the Fitness Marshalls at DBF is an experience and lightyears ahead of any other program and the cornerstone to this program which made me come back every day!

6. Have you used the DBF Whey Supplementation through your journey, how did you like it?

Not in my initial 12 week program but will definitely look into this as I progress with my transformation in the months to come.

7. Would you recommend this program to others and why?

I will not think twice. To recommend this awesome program and DBF gym to anyone out there, it is and will be an amazing experience and a life changing step for anyone!! The whole crew at DBF is very professional and supportive on all levels and the facility makes you feel at home with an amazing atmosphere and awesome vibe!!

8. Are you ready for the next 12 Week Challenge?

Bring it on without a doubt!!!!!!!!!