Testimonial – Abduraghmaan Lakay

  1. My name is Abduraghmaan Lakay, I was born and bred in the Mother City, I like to think of myself as friendly, sociable and an easy going person.
  1. I never had any problems with weight as I always led a fairly active lifestyle. I moved to Johannesburg a few years ago and with it came a very inactive lifestyle, not knowing anybody I resorted to vegetating, watching movies and with take aways being so easily accessible it wasn’t very hard to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. And before I knew it I was 119kg.
  1. And like most people I’ve been saying for months I’ll start going to gym and eat healthily because of the weight gain, but it was just so much easier to do nothing, I kept on procrastinating, I was unhappy with my weight which prevented me from doing the things I used to do. My weight had begun to control my life in the form of debilitating headaches, a symptom of extremely high blood pressure, (as confirmed by my GP) caused by rapid weight gain. I had to make a change and fast. I was determined not to be a statistic for heart disease. You always hear about people having heart attacks, but you always think it can never happen to me. I needed to change my mindset and the change had to happen soon.



I furiously starting researching gyms searching for the perfect fit, however it was only when I came across Dream Body Fitness I realized this is where my life would change for the better, friendly and helpful staff willing to guide me on my journey. I attended Big Steve’s Nutrition Workshop, which was interesting and informative and gave me the tools I needed to start my journey. Gym is now my home away from home and any queries/confusion I have is addressed timeously and I can focus solely on achieving my goal. Props to the DBF FAT POLICE! It’s vital to work hard & stay determined and stick to Steve’s Eating Plan, this coupled with everything the DBF Team brings to the table makes achieving my goal so much easier.

  1. I’ve been with the gym for 3 months now and I have lost a total of 10kg and 16% body fat and I feel great. The blood pressure is coming down slowly but surely, and the best part of all is no more headaches. After seeing the weight fall off, I feel confident and more determined to carry on with my fitness journey. It has become less work and more fun as I strive not only to lose the weight but to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. The fulfilment I get from training transcends the walls of the gym and spills over into my everyday life. I can feel it and other people can see it, my hard work is paying off. Thanks DBF!