Obesity and healthy foods:

There is something deeper than the bulging fat, round hips and man boobs that meet our eyes everyday on every street corner. In a world where there’s so much hype, so many truths, and so many fake fixes for real problems, dream body fitness (DBF) serves as an emotional and physical level, where only the truly toughest, fastest, fittest, and strongest survive.

If you go to Kruger park right now as it’s mating season, the young Lion male are fighting over females. The weak are killed. It’s God’s way of making sure only the strong genes are passed on. DBF is there to make sure that you pass your genes on by becoming strong through education and total lifestyle overhaul.

DBF program has so many parallels with life. You have to stay and work in the moment for you to win, or like boxing you get smacked in the face. The biggest problem for our poor health and obesity is ” honest misinformation” and ” dishonest misinformation”.

What you believe to know is killing you. Look at all the healthy “information” we are taught about the below foods everyday. Book your participation in our nutrition workshop today by visiting www.dreambodyfitness.co.za

Cakes, chocolates and soft drinks are well known for containing large amounts of sugar, but there is a whole range of other products often seen as healthy that contain equally high levels of the sweet stuff.

Pasta sauces

Sauces, there is one for everyone isn’t there? Whether it’s a humble splash of ketchup on your fish and chips, lashings of brown sauce on your bacon, or a posh pot of sweet chilli dipping sauce, everyone has a favourite.

But have you ever stopped to think how many extra calories you might be adding to your already calorific meal, just with a dollop of your favourite sauce?


Soups are popular with dieters but the worst culprits contain high amounts of sugar. Heinz classic tomato soup contains 19.4g – more than four teaspoons – of sugar in a tin, while Campbell’s cream of tomato soup contains 12.8g in a tin and versions by Crosse and Blackwell and Baxter have 23.6g and 21.6g respectively. As with pasta sauces, in many cases the suggested serving contains less, although that relies on the consumer following the guidance.

Ready meals

Ready meals are another culprit when it comes to hidden sugar, with purportedly savoury dishes heavily sweetened. Sharwood sweet and sour chicken with rice contains 21.8g of sugar. Most  takeaway sweet and sour chicken contains 24.8g in half a pack (the suggested serving), One of the leading chains crispy sweet and sour chicken with rice contains 26.6g in a pack, and the other chains sweet and sour chicken in batter 19.8g in each half-pack portion. Even supposed healthier alternatives can contain more sugar than one would expect. The Mexican sweet potato chilli pot , which claims its recipes were developed with “expert nutritionists”, contains 13.7g of sugar.


Fruit yoghurts may be many people’s idea of a healthy dessert, especially for their children, but they often have high amounts of sugar – with the supposedly healthy low-fat variety among the worst offenders.

Flavoured water

If something has water in the title, one might presume that there is not too much to worry about on the health front. But flavoured waters, something of an oxymoron but nevertheless popular, often contain large amounts of sugar. Juicy Water oranges and lemons contains 41g in a 420ml bottle and Glaceau Vitamin water Revive has 15g in a 500ml bottle.

Cereal and  bars

Often seen as a healthy alternative to chocolate bars or as a nutritious breakfast to have on the move but they can contain high amounts of sugar. An Eat Natural yoghurt coated coconut and apricot bar contains 19.7g of the sweet stuff. Nature Valley oats and honey granola bars contain 11.9g of sugar in a two-bar serving, and Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain strawberry bars are about a third sugar, with 12g in each 37g bar.


Heinz tomato ketchup has 22.8 of sugar per 100g or 3.4g in a suggested 15g (tablespoon) serving. Sainsbury’s ketchup has 21.6g per 100g and 3.2g per tablespoon and the equivalent numbers for Morrisons’ version are 18.1g and 2.7g. Other table sauces also have significant sugar content. Heinz salad cream has 17g of sugar per 100g and 2.6g in a tablespoon.



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