One of the most lucrative industries in society today is the health and fitness industry. We live in a society that places a substantial amount of importance on the outward appearance of individuals. The question of whether or not this is morally acceptable is clear; a person’s contribution to society extends far beyond what their physical being can offer. As such, it is unfair to judge them by the way they look. Regardless of the morality of the issue, society judges people on their physical being nonetheless. Part of this judgment ensues from the belief that

“BEING IN SHAPE IS BEAUTIFUL”. Fitness is more attractive, in the Darwinian sense. The media constantly bombards us with images of what is considered ‘attractive’, and it is permanently etched in the mind that everything else is unacceptable. Interestingly enough, only a small percentage of the population satisfies this vague measure of worth. A greater percentage of the population continually longs to join the apparently happier lives of the blessed few. Usually this desire for physical perfection is so great, that people become desperate, and foolish, this being a formula for disaster. People have become so enamored with the quest for physical perfection that they are willing to utilise any method that promises to bring them closer to their dreams. The health and fitness industry, often lacking in character and morality, will immediately recognise an opportunity to exploit and profit from the misunderstanding of others. As such, the industry runs amok with snake oil salesmen peddling bad advice and dangerous ideas, all under the guise of fast and effective results. Dreams are promised in their ads, but nightmares are delivered in reality, hence the launch of this monthly newsletter to empower you through education, knowledge and the application of science in your war against reclaiming your health and wellness. Let’s go back to the topic of this issue:

It’s not your fault you’re fat 

It happens to all of us, the fear of looking at ourselves naked in the mirror. With the prospect of summer and swimsuit holidays, stepping on the scale as the dial dangerously swings upward with impending danger looming, and rests on that number that seals the fate of your weight gain as you blame yourself yet again….3 things flood your mind, as you think about this endless battle:

a) you are eating too much even though you have resisted temptation and stayed faithful to your diet, and even cut down on your calories, or;

b) you start blaming yourself for the lack of training, or not training hard enough, or last but not least;

c) blaming your parents for handing you the dreaded bad genes – the fat genes.

The truth of the matter is: ‘It’s not your fault’. The problem is the amount of insulin your body is releasing due to the amount of simple and processed carbohydrates you’re eating. The widespread and instant availability of food is a very recent phenomenon, owing to mechanised agriculture and the mass production of processed foods. In this milieu, in which people are likely to eat themselves to death, lipogenesis (lipogenesis literally means ‘THE BIRTH OF FAT’) is more of a curse than a blessing. The solution lies in bringing hormonal harmony in your body, of the 2 hormones that are inversely related to fat loss and fat gain, glucagon and insulin, respectively. Hormonal synergy is the key.

High insulin is the enemy of dieters, the true enemy of health and fitness, which for the most part has eluded our attention while practically everyone has fixated, instead, on dietary fat. What’s worse is that the low fat craze that has prevailed during the last twenty years has made matters worse by popularising a way of eating that stimulates excessive insulin release. This is the principal reason why South Africans have become fatter while cutting back on dietary fat over the last two decades. It’s also why 90% of people who go on a low fat diet either fail to lose fat or regain every gram, and sometimes more, within six months of discontinuing the diet. Insulin, which is critical for glucose (sugar) storage and maintenance, wasn’t meant to occur in excessive levels. When food is ingested, the digestive process converts carbohydrates into glucose, a simple sugar, which is absorbed into the blood stream. The pancreas releases insulin in response to blood glucose. Glucose then enters certain cells and triggers events that cause the cells to absorb glucose from the blood. The consumption of excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates and sugar however can result in insulin resistance, the gradual loss of sensitivity to insulin by many tissue cells.

The body responds by producing even more insulin; which results in high levels of insulin, glucose and other unabsorbed nutrients circulating in the blood stream. This condition commonly known as ‘Syndrome X’ or what I refer to as ‘SUGAR-BURNER’. ‘Syndrome X’ is characterised by hypertension, abnormally high fat levels in blood, glucose intolerance or diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity, among other life threatening illnesses, not forgetting hanging body parts in the midsection and other areas of the body. ‘Sugar-burner’ is a condition whereby your body uses blood sugar as its main source of fuel, and this being the case, your body will never burn the excess fat that you so desperately wish to burn. If you burn fat only while you train, and fat burning stops immediately as you leave the gym, how will you ever get your dream body? Here at DreamBody Forever (db4e), we have a solution for you. Firstly, you need to lower your insulin levels through exercise and nutrition. Secondly, you have to change your body’s source of fuel to fat, which means eating fat to burn fat (more about this in next month’s article). You have to change your body into a fat incinerator, making it ‘the ultimate fat burning machine’

To achieve this we have compiled hormonally intelligent exercises and foods for their fat burning properties to arm you against this monster once and for all. Remember, lifestyle change is not an event; it’s a process. Enjoy the journey.