Ethical fitness

Ethics is described as moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity.
There is a decent chance that if you are struggling with weight gain and your health, you are also struggling with the other areas of your life financially, emotionally and spiritually.
Allow me the latitude to explain myself further. We all set goals and resolutions. Implicitly or explicitly. We either write them down or walk around with them in our heads.

Commitments are like diets and relations. They reward the faithful and punish the unfaithful. There is no in between. You either honour them or betray them. Are you reaping the rewards, or are you being punished?

Success is achieved by keeping commitments to yourself first, and then others after. Betrayal leads to failed or unfinished goals, projects, and relationships.

The biggest commitment one can make to another human being is marriage, and looking at the current divorce rate worldwide, it shows this commitment is easily broken by shrug of the shoulders, walking away or by a simple text message saying “I want out”, and readily accepted in today’s society, almost expected for that matter, is it surprising that people wouldn’t follow through with such “minor” commitments as diet or workout?

We go to weddings, and even the two getting married are not committed. The bride and groom exchange rings, and say “I DO”, they go through the motions of commitment, but they lack the essence. The first obstacle, the first bump they hit in the relationship, they out of there. They look for the quickest exist sign. They have no foundation, they have no roots and neither do they have the willingness to work through hard times that can only be achieved through commitment of the heart.

We live in a world that is suffering from commitment deficit, and not in the relationship sense, but in the personal sense.

We lack commitments in relationships, work, business, and personal growth.

You can never fail if you refuse to quit. Anything that you throw your whole existence and being at, you can never fail. Most people have never been committed to their education, relationship, work or business and wonder why it never work.

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you had really committed your whole life to succeed?

People want to lose weight, but they don’t want to eat right or workout. They go to work and just do enough not to get fired, just enough to look busy and just enough to justify the cheque.

They want a wife but don’t want the responsibilities that come with it. They want sex but not a relationship. They want a husband, but they don’t want to be a wife.

A relationship without reciprocity dies. Any kind of relationship where what you get outweighs what you give can’t last. Look at all your relationships and dealings, measure all that you are receiving, and weight it against what you giving. Are you giving as much as you receiving? If the answer is no, then answer this two questions:
1. What’s your personal level of commitment to self?
2. What’s one thing you started last year and saw it through from start to finish?

For you to succeed in relationships, business, and health just remember they need your undivided attention. I have few friends, businesses or jobs because I take my commitments seriously. My commitments take all my resources, therefore I can afford to spread myself thin, because I take my commitments seriously.

Most people that can’t lose weight, get healthy, be in happy relationships or improve their lot in fortune have and are suffering from commitment deficit, more than whatever circumstances they attribute as the cause for their “problem”.

We are a society of professional starters and amateur finishes.

If you look at successful people in any field, you will find that they are not necessarily the brightest, best looking, fastest or the strongest of the bunch. What they all share in common is the believe that they have to stay loyal to what they said they were going to do, long after the mood they said it in has left them.

They know that giving up is character assassination, a stain on their reputation that no amount of bleach can wash off. As a result, giving up is not an option. Success is the only outcome if you refuse to give up.

The real world has no respect for intentions, it only respects results. Remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Results cannot be achieved without follow through, and follow through denotes giving up.

What will be so sad about your death is dying without ever meeting the real you. There is no worse hell than knowing that you are living your life beneath what GOD intended you.