Body Transformation Begins

Transformation is a big word. It implies total change. If I had to tell you how much it frightens me, you probably won’t believe me. I’m really out of my depth here. Scared, yes. But excited too. I feel very vulnerable putting myself out there for the world to see, comment, hate, love. But in the end, the important thing is that this is MY transformation. I chose to start the process. And I also chose to share it. (It doesn’t make it less scary though!)

Day One

Neville, who made me feel super welcome!

The first day that I turned up for training at Dream Body Fitness and had been announced as a newcomer, an army of fitness marshals descended on me, but not in a negative way. I was welcomed, introduced, even given a hug! Andrew, Martin and Neville did a great job of breaking the ice, making me laugh (that’s not too difficult) and showing me the ropes. (More about these super 😎cool dudes in later posts.)

Neville explained to me how it was going to work on day one, and between Andrew and Martin they took turns to take me through my training program for the day.

Keep in mind that I didn’t turn up de-conditioned – I was already fairly fit. When we were done, I almost had a bit of a, “Is this all?” moment, but wisely kept my mouth shut. This was Wednesday. Saturday morning I literally had to roll out of bed – my super sore abs wouldn’t allow any other way! When I sat I didn’t want to stand. When I was standing I didn’t want to sit because some or other muscle was going to be hectically sore! Yahhh Yolandé, and you thought, “Is this all?” I couldn’t help laughing at myself. 😂

I eventually thought of taking pics on day 3!

The eating plan for week one is great and it helps your body become a fat burning machine. Yassss!! That’s what I want, isn’t it? And it isn’t starvation of any kind – believe me! (I’ll tell you more about how DBF educates you about nutrition in a few days. Subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss out!)

I also started receiving an amazing motivational message from Steve every day. These aren’t just quotes downloaded from the Internet quickly that you’ve seen a hundred times (although some of those are cool too). These are well thought through, appropriate, messages. As it says in Proverbs, A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.”

So, what was the result going to be at the end of week one?

Day 3

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