Athlete of the month – Sandiswa Nqampoyi

I joined DBF about 3 moths ago on the insistence of wife. I was very sceptical due to past gym experiences and my injury record (which has prohibited free movemnt) but have been amazed by the environment and results.  My goal was simple, shed a few kilos here and there, get rid of the rotund tummy and to improve stamina.  The DBF 12 week challenge has helped me to achieved and surpassed my goals, results are as follows:

image3 image2

– lost 10kgs

– more than halved body fat percentage

All of this is due to the

– structured workout plans

– conducive environment

– very helpful staff

– Education (movement and eating right)

– focus and dedication on my part

The biggest Part of the workout routine includes eating the kinds of foods that will help one achieve the result.  In the end of the 12 weeks, I have found myself looking forward to going to a gym and the obvious results  in my physique are a great motivator!

I’m in the best shape of my life and now looking at a new wardrobe as nothing fits.

Thanks DBF