Athlete of the month – Palesa More

Working out at DreamBody Fitness has improved my confidence levels immensely, being just three weeks into the 12 week body transformation challenge, I was certain that my body was ready to be showcased just in time for Miss Commonwealth SA finals and I won!.

The programme does not just focus on physical training but also incorporates tailor-made eating plan as well as a monitored weekly health check to track your progress.

What I appreciate most about DreamBody Fitness is the personalised care on the gym floor, each work out feels like personal training session, with friendly staff  always available to assist.




My commitment to a healthy lifestyle has increased so much and I now understand that a great looking body is not just about exercising , its a lifestyle  that requires discipline and not punishment!!! 

Looking forward to getting more involved in your social investment initiatives as well.

Palesa More

Miss Commonwealth SA 2016