Athlete of the month – Lorika Tobias

Four months ago I was that person in the gym who came in, did a random gym program here and there and eating what in my mind was relatively healthy. I exercised at least four times a week and I was not really focussed, just doing what I thought would eventually lead to weight loss.

The question then is, how did this twelve week challenge start? Well there I was on the treadmill minding my own business when Steve walks past(obviously not minding his own business) and the questions start ..Lorika! What are you doing? What programme are you following? What is your end goal? How about we start you on the 12 week challenge? Steve then proceeded to explain that with the twelve week challenge I will be able to see my body transform with the different exercises and challenging my body in different ways and reach my goal of being fit, toned and lean. I thought why not, I have tried everything else in life when it comes to weight loss twelve weeks wont kill me.

I quickly realised that following the programme and coming to gym was just one step, I had to make a mental shift to ensure that with every work-out I go all in. In addition to the training, my choices as to what goes in my body played an extremely important role. I cut out sugars, dairy(besides for a little milk here and there), focussed on good carbs, increased my water intake and learned the true meaning of portion control. I also realised that what works for another person’s body does not necessarily work for me, so through trial and error , learning more about the foods I consume and their nutritional value I adopted a healthy eating pattern.

All the hardwork, discipline and self control paid off in the end. My results are seen and heard with all the selfies I take now 🙂 and all the compliments I receive, but honestly their is no better feeling then feeling fit and lean!!!! Thank you Steve and the team at DBF!!!!!Without your constant support, motivation and listening to my complaints I would have fallen off the wagon ages ago. This is what separates DBF from the rest… the attention to detail, constant follow up and love of healthy lifestyle.


Lorika Tobias1

Its NOT EASY but its also NOT IMPOSSIBLE! My twelve weeks have come to an end, but  being healthy and exercising has become a way of life for me…I still loooooooove my desserts but all in moderation.

Advice for other members: Respect yourself and your body enough to take the time to get active and know what you are putting in your body. We only have one body and its not just about losing the weight , but being healthy and taking responsibility for your health to ensure that the rest of your life is a happy healthy one. Making one simple change a week whether drinking more water, going for a daily walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can make a big impact in the long run. I have learned that PATIENCE is the key word, you did not put the weight/fat on overnight so don’t expect to lose it in a  week…slow progress is better then no progress. Lastly, instead of looking down at the numbers on the scale for motivation, look up at the beautiful person in the mirror. Believe me when I say you will be pleasantly surprised and motivated by your own reflection and progress.

I really hope that my success can motivate at least one person to make a positive change towards a healthy lifestyle. (PS: the 12 week challenge at DBF is a great way to get started ;))