Adam Darby- Testimonial

I am quite proud to be a member of “The World’s Greatest Gym”, and your ability to lead from the front in providing the personal touch to your members is no small part of your success.

In a relatively short period of time, I am rapidly approaching the best physical condition I have been in since I was in school (Yes, a very long time indeed), and I have so much of this to thank you, and your dedicated staff for. A gym that actually partners with it’s members in achieving their goals is a refreshing change from the club that cares only about their monthly debit order. These gyms have fitness instructors employed solely to pick up women in lycra outfits as opposed to providing assistance with form and new programs. Over-crowded weights areas, are coupled with a fast food franchise, but hey at least you get an internet cafe.

From the moment you walk into Dreambody Fitness, you are greeted with a friendly smile from your warm reception staff, and are assisted in a membership by the infectiously positive “Mr G”. Then the highly informative and compulsory Nutritional Workshop. From there you move to the weights area and are assisted by any of the Fitness Marshalls, all keen for you to get the best out of your training. I have had help from them all, but must give a shout out in particular to Calvin, Jabu and Nico.

Once you have gained a bit of fitness you have earned the right to join the classes. Here is where I see unbelievable magic. The energy from your staff seems to permeate through to your members, and you have both members and staff pushing to get the most out of you.

Your gym offers a truly unique experience, and you have in me a member for life! Thank you!