About Us

Welcome to Dream Body, Sunninghill. You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re a gym, after all we have got some pretty cool facilities and the kind of work out machines and equipment you’d expect to find in a leading gym.

The difference lies in what we actually do.

What you’re used to is a place where the gym is a destination, the place where you anonymously pay your monthly subs, throw weights around or spend hours on a treadmill week after week, month after month and battle to achieve the results you want. We know, we’ve seen that movie before too. At Dream Body, your wellness, health, fitness and dream body | life are the destination whilst the gym is simply a tool for getting you there.

Train with purpose

At Dream Body Fitness we teach you how to train with purpose in pursuit of specific, measurable and achievable goals. Dream Body Fitness offers a little something for everyone, whether you’re a week day weights warrior, cardio junkie, or simply looking to find a fun and engaging group training class to call your own, we’ve got a great range of fitness and wellness solutions to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

Take some time out to browse through our website and find the solution that best works for you.

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