A Spartan-like Approach to Fitness

Long before all the CrossFitters, the powerlifters, and the mixed martial artists walked the faced of the earth, there was a group of burly men who stood tall above everyone when it came to will power, strength, and sheer intimidating aesthetics.

The Spartans, as most of us know, were once rulers of the world’s battlegrounds, facing extreme odds and defeating countless adversaries. Ancient History documented how these warriors, almost 2,500 years ago, fought mind-boggling numbers to defend their turf against the might of more than a few thousand Persian intruders. Considering the circumstances and magnitude of the event, many modern industries have portrayed the Spartan’s stories in their own instinctive detail to great success.

One of the more popular depictions of the Spartan era was the 2006 film 300. Directed by the talented Zack Snyder, the top-grossing movie starred Gerard Butler, who played the role of King Leonidas during the Battle of Thermopylae against King Xerxes. Sparta was the subject of appeal in its own day, as well as in the West following the revival of classical learning. This love of Sparta is known as Laconism or Laconophilia, which includes admiration of the Spartan culture, its constitution, as well as riches that the great city-state once had. Many modern day companies use Spartan iconography as core themes to promote their brand’s strength and power. Slot gaming platform Pocketfruity is just one of the companies that knows the strength of the Spartan brand. It launched its very own Fortunes of Sparta game, which reflects how rich the great nation was thanks to the leadership of Leonidas as well as the might of his army. Of course, Spartans would’ve never been successful in their battles if not for their great physique and discipline. And this is something that certainly been brought to the fore by contemporary media platforms in recent years.

An intriguing part of the filmmaking process was Gerard Butler’s Leonidas transformation. Some of us may have followed this specific Gerard Butler workout program to a tee. For others, however, or those who have just started out their fitness journey, it is important to first understand the proper approach to this, instead of going in for the kill and hitting the barbell rack.

Building Muscle

You cannot achieve vein-popping muscles overnight; you have to go through a long yet rewarding process full of hard work, patience, and discipline. The idea here is to stick to heavy compound exercises similar to a 5X5 training approach. This is a time-efficient, utterly effective program that will produce results both in terms of muscle mass and strength.

Do Cardio

There is a misconception that doing cardio lessens muscle gains. However, cardio is a vital part of fitness due to its fat-burning features. By running you will develop your conditioning levels greatly. The key is to have a heart rate of around 100 to 120 beats per minute.

Improve Mental Fortitude

Like a true Spartan, you have to work on our mental strength as much as our physical prowess. It is imperative to carry a certain attitude, a mindset that you can accomplish your goals no matter how hard it seems to be at first. For example, if a workout has high amounts of reps and sets, and you are already gasping for air, you need to have the mentality of doing everything at the same time. It is about enjoying the journey so to speak.

Practice Proper Eating

There is an age old saying that fitness – more specifically weight loss – is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. Alexandria Gomez wrote a detailed article about the subject. It’s extremely important to stay disciplined with regards to, not just your physical and mental training regimen, but also your food intake. Spartans, in particular, considered their eating habits as an extension of their military lifestyle. In other words, you should treat food not as indulgence, but rather as a source of fuel and recovery to meet the everyday demands of training.

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