5 Reasons Why You’re Still Fat

Reason #1

You’re Way Too Stressed Out: Believe it or not, stress is a silent killer! It shortens your life, wreaks havoc on your hormone levels, and sadly increases your fat storage.

That’s right, stress adds unwanted inches to your waistline. Be sure to restructure your lifestyle, and incorporate healthy eating and fat burning exercises to reduce your stress levels and supercharge your fat loss results.


You’re Performing The Wrong Kind Of Cardio: You’re elementary school phys ed teacher was wrong! Long slow cardio is NOT the answer to burning stubborn body fat from your belly. As a matter of fact, not only is long slow cardio both ineffective, and inefficient, but studies have even shown that it is known to burn valuable muscle tissue from your body which will absolutely destroy your progress. Avoid this type of cardio like the plague if you want to burn body fat.

Reason #3

You Have No Clue What To Eat: It’s a fact that 80% of your results come from the quality of food you eat. Instead of eating processed food, choose natural foods that contain the right balance of carb’s, proteins, and fat’s as the foundation for your food choices. Remember that the quality of food you eat directly influences the results that you will achieve from your fat loss efforts, so be sure to choose wisely.

Reason #4

You Perform All The Wrong Moves: You’re not fitness professional and it shows because you’re performing all the wrong exercises at all the wrong intensities and it’s getting you nowhere fast. Instead of getting more fat and frustrated, consider hiring a fitness professional who can show you the right kinds of fat burning exercises you should be performing, and you will begin to achieve the type of results you’re aiming for.

Reason #5

You Lack Accountability: Let’s face it, even if you know the right way, to eat, workout, and live a healthy lifestyle, you’re just too lazy to do it on your own. To avoid this situation, surround yourself with like-minded people who have similar goals that will keep you accountable and I guarantee you will achieve some serious success!

Pretty eye-opening right?