Dream Body Fitness 12-12-12

Change Your Mind Change Your Body Lose 12kgs in 12 weeks and win R12 000 CASH

Never before has there been a more well thought out plan to transform your body and mind permanently! Do you want to lose weight but can’t find the motivation to stick through the training program?


• Have you signed up for gym memberships before and never used them? • Have you tried every diet out there and none of them have worked for you?

There are 2 million people in South Africa trying to lose weight every year. 85% of them fail or give up and 10 % of those go back to the weight they were before they started training.

Why should you take the challenge?

Because losing weight is not just physical exercise and eating right, it’s a mindset, a commitment to yourself and those you love.

When you change your thinking, you transform your body and you change your life.

You’ve been down this road before, so why haven’t you got results? Its because: 

  • You don't have a structured plan so you don’t know what you are supposed to do and so you are not measuring your progress. 
  • You cannot manage what you cannot measure 
  • You don't have anyone to hold you accountable 
  • You don't have any deadlines to push yourself to succeed 
  • You don't understand the universal principles and laws that govern the human body in terms of weight loss 
  • You are going to gym without the intent of stressing your body enough to create physical change 

But that’s not the end of the problem, it actually GETS WORSE… Here’s the real problem you’re facing: 

  • When you don't get success, you jump onto the next unhealthy diet 
  • Your health risks increase, your stress levels increase, and so does your chance of diabetes and heart attacks 
  • Your stress levels increase and it affects your productivity which in turn affects your finances and ultimately your family and personal life.
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A complete Mindset Shift 

Change your thinking, change your body, change your life

Learn the Steps to Change

Changing your habits so you can be successful in all areas of your life

Your success GPS

A step by step process on how to manage your time and intentions

Exercise Plan 

A personalized, structured exercise plan

Eating Plan 

A hormonally intelligent eating plan.

Assisted Group Training

Assisted fitness marshal group training session


 - Daily email and text motivations to keep you on track - - Weekly biometric assessments to keep you on track and measure your performance - - Nutrition and life design workshops - - Access to top quality DBF facilities and our community for support and inspiration - - A R12000 CASH prize for the winners of the men and woman category - 

When: Starts 16 October 2017 Where: Dream Body Fitness Studio Sunninghill and Woodlands Prize: 1st Prize For Women And Men R12 000 CASH 





Womens Category

Mens Category

So much more than just another training program. This is a lifestyle transformation program.

My name is Steve Mululu and by now you’re probably asking, who are we and how can we make these claims?

  • We have a track record with proven results
  • We have a 95% success rate with our clients, where dieting has an 85% failure rate.
  • We have a proven and tested system, for the last 6 years we have created thousands of dream bodies. Our entire focus is on YOU! 
  • We focus on all areas of your life, not just losing weight. But habits, mindset and goals.
  • We design the program specifically for you, it’s not a one size fits all program


Abduraghmaan Lakay 

I’ve been with the gym for 3 months now and I have lost a total of 10kg and 16% body fat and I feel great. The blood pressure is coming down slowly but surely, and the best part of all is no more headaches.

Diana Ebden  

Just wanted to send a note of gratitude to all at DBF… you are an amazing group of people. DBF isn’t a gym, sure it looks like one, but behind all the equipment is something unique and different, which goes beyond the personal touch. You address every aspect of the body, mind and soul..

Japheth Chetty  

After the 12 Week Challenge (01 October 2015 – 31 Dec 2015) my results are: -8.3Kgs and – 20.36% Body Fat. (My weight was about 87Kgs in October when I started). To date (01/02/2016) – I currently weigh 84.0 Kgs and I’m around 21.3 Body fat.

Anita-Joy Mlonyeni 

I started going to Dream Body gym 5 times a week and even sometimes twice daily. I loved going to the gym. The reason why I chose DBF versus other prestigious gyms is because of the personal touch that Steve and his team brings. You don’t feel intimidated and overwhelmed.



  • If you are an existing DBF member, your entry fee is R500
  • If you are not an existing DBF member, you get to take part in this lifestyle shift for only R3000!
  • Fill in the application form and get started

What is expected and what you can expect:

The basic rules are that you need to do an assessment and take a picture when you start and each week to measure and document your performance, no performance enhancing drugs are allowed.  

We know that men and women are different in bodies, mind and results so men and women will be tracked separately and the prize will have a men’s and women’s category.

Read the terms and conditions for all rules, regulations and how the competition will be judged.

Competition closes on 15th January and the winners will be announced on the 20th of January  

So if you want to… 

  • Be the best version of yourself 
  • Be in control of your life and be able to cope with change 
  • Be successful in all aspects of your life

You have nothing to lose EXCEPT THE WEIGHT!